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There’s a certain primary education process that I think a lot of us take for granted about games, and assume in other people. Case in point: yesterday, I was invited to be a guest on Air America Radio to explain precisely what it meant that Obama’s new FCC transition team co-chair was a level 70 Tauren shaman.

I’d made a lot of assumptions, actually, including believing the call to be a pre-recording that would get slickly edited down to a few seconds of soundbytes (which I had all pithily prepared) to go into a longer NPR-style news clip, assumptions which were summarily shattered 10 minutes before my phone was supposed to ring when a friend wrote on the wall of my Facebooks, “So here I am, listening to Air America… ‘coming up later, Brandon Boyer,'” and I realized I was about to be on live for quite a long time, facing questions I might necessarily not be up to answer.

That was somewhat relieved when host Ron Kuby led in the piece as I was on hold by rattling off facetiously sweeping generalizations of who World of Warcraft players were, and then brought me on to do some very, very basic explaining. Turns out: that’s a lot more difficult when you’ve been immersed eyeball deep in the culture for as many years as I have and have to take it all back to square one. As in: have you ever tried to explain what exactly ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ is or why it’s funny? I’d never had to, until I was live on national radio.

You can hear me valiantly try, though, via Kuby’s archives at Air America (though from what I gather the clip ends rather abruptly after an offhand ‘teamsters’ analogy). Coincidentally, and it would take me another few hours for this to click, Kuby is indeed one-and-the-same the Ron Kuby you hear ‘The Dude’ Lebowski ask for after the Malibu chief of police beans him with a coffee mug (!). Oh, right, and, you know, also a civil rights activist and lawyer of fantastic renown.

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  1. I thought you did pretty damn well. Kuby’s crazy super-extrovert radio personality is a little intimidating at first…but you handled it well and answered his questions. I was just beginning to get really drawn into the interview when the clip you link to cut out.

    Anyway, good job. You should be proud.

  2. Wonder why the clip is cut short? Bummer…I was digging it.

    And I think the best way to try and explain Leroy Jenkins to an outsider is to not try at all. I’ve tried and failed as miserably as I have when trying to talk to girls.

  3. I think the interview went well, although like most radio guys, Kuby has the “I’m going to be loud and interrupt you whenever I feel like” syndrome. I did also know what you were talking about, but the teamster comment totally went over my head, can anyone maybe explain that a little bit? Point A and B aren’t matching up in my head for whatever the hell Kuby meant by that.

  4. not bad Brandon… as far as brief explanation of such a huge thing go, you did great. as a non player your description of horde/alliance was interesting to hear. the union thing was rather odd to be sure.

    now i am going to have to go search urbandictionary/wikipedia to go solve this Leroy Jenkins mystery.

  5. Leeroy Jenkins is funny because the situation is Keystone Cops / Inspector Clouseau slapstick-absurd.

    Feel free to use that. Next. Uh. Time you’re invited onto NPR to explain Leeroy. Yeah.

    They say Hindsight’s 20/20 …

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