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I’ve done a bad job at mentioning this thus far, but, prompted by the most recent news via GamesIndustry, I note that new submission videos have been uploaded for the UK’s National Videogame Archive. First announced in September, the founders explain:

The National Videogame Archive is a joint project between the National Media Museum and Nottingham Trent University, which aims to celebrate that culture and preserve that history for researchers, developers, game fans and the public…

The Archive is working to preserve, analyse and display the products of the global videogame industry by placing games in their historical, social, political and cultural contexts. This means treating videogames as more than inert, digital code: at the heart of the National Videogames Archive is the determination to document the full life of games, from protoypes and early sketches, through box-art, advertising and media coverage, to mods, fanart and community activities.

At the Save the Videogame site, you can see celebrity submissions from a number of noteworthy developers, including Jon ‘Lego Star Wars‘ Smith, Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet team, and Uncharted‘s Richard Lamarchand. As GamesIndustry points out, both Sony and Harmonix have announced new hardware submissions, with prototype versions of the EyeToy and Rock Band guitar.

Save the Videogame [National Videogame Archive]

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