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Currently making the rounds due to a downright impolite remix I’ll leave it to you to find yourself (but suffice it to say is not one you’ll want to have your work speakers turned up for), is the New York Times’ video from Robbie Cooper’s ‘Immersion’ project, which is photographing the reactions of children entranced by games (from the sound of it, Call of Duty 4). From an interview with Cooper in UK’s Telegraph:

The plan is to settle on a group of 75 game-playing children – selected by a researcher to represent a cross-section of ethnic groups, income brackets and cultural backgrounds within Britain – and spend 18 months using the technique to film them reacting to different manifestations of screen warfare, be they videogames, news footage, internet videos or feature films. Cooper will then log their expressions and work with a psychologist and sociologist to interpret the results in light of the psychological profiles of the individual children.

The New York Times – Video Library – Immersion

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  1. Actually they both stole the idea from Godfrey Reggio, who filmed the faces of children watching television in 1995:

  2. I’m going to laugh when the moms get a hold of this and start screaming about how manic some of those kids looked and how violent some of the games were (Saints Row, GTA4, etc). I’m going to laugh because those kids should not have been playing those games (most of them are rated M). Yes I know they play them anyway.

  3. gilbert necessary

    At the exhibition ‘REBOOT: The Jim and Mary Barr Collection,’ which toured New Zealand a few years back, there was a video piece by Axel Stockburger entitled ‘PSX Warriors: Gran Turismo’ from 2004, which was simply a digital video of a close shot on an androgynous individual playing Gran Turismo.

    See for more info.

  4. A New Challenger

    I don’t want to see my face as I try to complete Challenge of the Gods #8 in God of War. It’s bound to be ugly.

  5. I can see that I have played absolutely none of these kids in CoD4, as most of the ones I play against can’t stop talking or saying stupid stuff.

  6. @ #1….you beat me to it. Thought the same thing immediately a couple of days ago when I saw this making the rounds.

    Also, who knew weird mouth movements were the result of of getting your ass handed to you in a war game?

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