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InstantAction is somewhat the runt of the online games litter, and a bit unjustly — like the Unity player, IA’s plugin lets you play 3D games through the browser, and, better yet, the company has just done away with its pay-for options and opened up the entire site for free play.

Why should you care? Along with Stubbs the Zombie/Hail to the Chimp developer Wideload’s decent puzzle game Cyclomite, InstantAction’s main draw is third person shooter Fallen Empire: Legions, which, if you squint, you might call a not-too-distant cousin to PC cult shooter Tribes. That’s no accident — InstantAction’s branch on the family tree is just a few short leaps away from Tribes developer Dynamix, by way of IA’s parent company GarageGames.

InstantAction also has a number of games on the way: “Ace of Aces (aerial dogfighting), Lore: Aftermath (big time mech action), and BLUR (arcade racing),” which they’re giving people who’d already paid for game passes early access to as a token of appreciation.

Goodbye ActionPasses; Hello Freedom [Instant Action]

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