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From the MTV owned Country Music Television blog (and therefore very probably not empty conjecture!), the first real word of Rock Band branching out from its, well, rock roots with the first all-country DLC:

Just wait until Dec 16. That’s when Rock Band will add five country songs to its downloadable content for PlayStation3 and XBOX 360… This bundle’s going to have [Dierks Bentley], plus Brad Paisley, Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert and the Dixie Chicks.

Say what you will about the tricky mashup of four spike-and-leather be-goth’d members working their way through a cover of my grandmother’s favorite hits, but more diversity is always a very good thing, especially if it spurs more back-catalog digging (‘Ring of Fire’ being a new Offworld hit in iNiS’s karaoke game Lips).

Rock Band Purists Not So Sure About Country | CMT Blog

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  1. I can’t see how this could be a bad thing. More appeal for a fun product and everything. Sure, I’LL be left out that week, but one of the guys I play with just said he’d slip me a $20 to buy the whole pack… so, urm… yee-haw!!?

  2. Hey, there’s room for everyone at the Rock Band table. I can’t really stand country music, but I’d consider some country songs, if they’re fun. There’s plenty of music that I love on Rock Band because it’s fun to play that I’d normally never consider listening to.

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