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After burning through old stock in a Black Friday fire sale, games T-shirt design co. Meat Bun has revealed their new slate of product with five fresh designs, and it’s hard to choose a favorite.

I think it’s the ever-so-vaguely-Misfits-esque glow in the dark design they debuted at their Street Fighter IV launch party, but it might also be the much-more-blatantly Screaming For Vengeance inspired Ikaruga X Judas Priest design on banana yellow.

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  1. When the T-shirts are this cool, it’s always T-shirt season! Just put a long sleeve shirt underneath

  2. theawesomerobot

    Ugh, I hate when places self-brand their shits so heavily. That Ikaruga shirt would be an instant buy if it didn’t have MEAT BUN emblazoned across the top.

    I guess they have every right to do it, but it really breaks the sale for me :(

    The other less meaty shirts are cool though

  3. I only want it because it says “meat bun.” My grandmother makes Kraut runza which the fam has always called meat buns. I’m vegetarian so this is very funny to me.

    I must have one.

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