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Kotaku notes that Nintendo of Japan is offering a new Club Nintendo gift: 150 points will net you 30 business cards printed with the unmistakable visage of your Mii — and, this time, the added bonus of your Wii’s friend code.

In July of this year, Nintendo launched a new Digital Camera Print Channel in the region which, in partnership with Fujifilm, let you order bound photo books featuring images uploaded from your camera and, yes, Mii business cards, all via the Wii itself. In that case a set of 30 cards would set you back 500 yen (roughly $5.60).

The only difference now, from what I can gather, is that extra line with the code, though I’m not positive that the originals let you also add 1-up mushrooms above your name — I mention this here primarily because, if you’re listening and gauging interest, stateside Nintendo, this is something we’d also like.

Club Nintendo new point award: “Wii number exchange business cards”! [via Kotaku]

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  1. From what I remember, business cards were serious business in Japan. I don’t know about paying legit cash for a stack of them though as I don’t know when I’d find myself in a situation where I’d give one out and not seem like a creep.

  2. I wouldn’t mind redeeming some “Club Nintendo” coins to get a package of these. Nintendo North America, listen up.

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