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Tomorrow finally marks the day that ngmoco releases Hand Circus’s long-awaited puzzle-platformer Rolando, and the publisher has marked the occasion with one final gameplay trailer, as well as a new special Rolando themed downloadable level for Dropship, its dual-‘analog’ vectorbeam shooter (that I’ve yet to mention here, but will in the future).

I’ve spent the past couple days with Rolando, and will be giving the Offworld view tomorrow.

Rolando home [ngmoco]

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  1. Please concentrate in your review on the parts that don’t make this a complete rip-off of Locoroco.

  2. hmm, the fact that i have little big planet kind of makes it unlikely that i will have any interest in this game whatsoever…

  3. Hmm it is a lot of fun and a very solid iPhone game, but to similar to LocoRoco for it to not be mentioned. I bet Sony has lawyers looking into this already.

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