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Very much enjoyed Tom Chick’s latest list for Sci-Fi Network’s games blog Fidgit that, appropriately, focused on the 10 games that redefined science fiction — videogaming’s, as Chick put it, “Gattica, Dark City, Clockwork Orange, and Wall-E.” Pleasingly, the list contains a number of undersung classics that are always well overdue for a revisit from Eric Chahi’s Out of this World/Another World (which got a high-def anniversary re-release just a few years back) to Belgian developer Appeal’s fantastic Outcast — and saves an unexpected twist for its number one.

10 videogames that redefine science fiction [Fidgit]

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  1. Yeah, System Shock 2 is really scary. Forget the enemies; I walked up to a door and saw a ghost trying to go through. It started talking about how its key card wouldn’t work. Scared the crap out of me — I ran away and wouldn’t go back.

  2. Um, is System Shock 2 sci-fi or horror or horror-fi? I’d say it’s one of my favorite FPS (with a lite RPG) ever. Not that I’ve ever finished it, it’s HARD. But nothing makes me jump out of my seat like the sound of…just about anything in that game.

    Outcast also has an amazing soundtrack (as regular audio tracks on the CD.) Worth a rip for your soundtrack collection. Russian orchestra.

  3. Good to see Startopia make the list. It’s nothing earth-shatteringly innovative, but it’s still a lot of fun to this day.

  4. Yes, Out of this World was fantastic. I had to order it from one of those shady ads in the back of GamePro to find a copy for SNES back in the day. It took forever to arrive, but when it did, I was obsessed with that game.

    A few years later I also bought a very cheap copy for PC (even though I didn’t have a PC), so that I could bring it in to school and install it on the computers in the back row of the computer lab.

    Those were the days.

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