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You may have already seen these data visualization concepts Portland design team Gridplane did for Google which made the rounds earlier this week via the tech/design blog set, but hiding one project over (as I never thought to click away to) was a project making waves on the games blogs today.

The company, it turns out, was involved in doing concept work for Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience, and the image set is a fascinating look at the evolution of their thought process, still showing a visual reliance on the original Xbox 360’s blades before blowing them out completely into a far more nebulous and spacious area, actually quite similar to the one we ended up with (particularly its new friends list).

The list of participants was just as surprising — Gridplane creative director JD Hooge and motion designer Nando Costa were both key players in the early days of the Flash art/design scene (when Flash MX was an exciting blip on the distant horizon). The former was involved in the excellent Flash Math Creativity book, while the latter was part of a burgeoning tech/design scene that popped up briefly in Chicago, one that would also spawn Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman, who’s managed to transform his original hepcat faux-dating site into a hotspot for casual multiplayer games.

XBOX Experience [Gridplane]

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