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If you were following last week’s hints you won’t be surprised: this morning’s Virtual Console update has brought the U.S. debut of downloadable Commodore 64 games, each at $5 a pop. In this first outing, Nintendo has most notably released The Last Ninja, still counted amongst the top games for the C64 that have stood the test of time.

Also included are Archer MacLean’s International Karate, and Pole Position-esque two-player racer Pit Stop II, from Epyx’s Dennis ‘Impossible Mission‘ Caswell and Stephen Landrum, programmer on classic titles like Summer Games.

Wii Virtual Console [Nintendo]

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  1. A New Challenger

    Another opportunity for Capcom to rerelease a port of Street Fighter II!

    Are any of the C64 games on GameTap really worth playing? Stuntman Seymour seems alright. I never touched the machine back when it was around.

  2. We had Pit Stop II at my dad’s house, it was pretty great. The racing is good, with fuel usage and tire wear depending on how you drive, and the option to drive into the pits once a lap.

    Once in the pits you’ve got what would nowadays be called a minigame, with very clever control design considering all you had was a joystick with 1 button.

    Forward and back bring the fuel man out, attach the hose, and detach it, left, right, and the button control the tire changer guys, and you have to manage it all simultaneously in as smooth a fashion as you can in order to lose as little time as possible.

    It’s actually a pretty good simulation in that respect.

    Now if they throw “Racing Destruction Set” and “Jumpman” on there, we’ll be getting pretty close to a full complement of classics. Oh, also “Dr. J vs. Larry Bird One on One”. :)

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