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Spotted — and then quickly snapped up by — Gamasutra’s Simon Carless, this fantastic etsy find in which loudxmouse enhances thrift store junk paintings by adding a rolling katamari into the landscape.

Note to the artist: Please, please make this an ongoing series so I can grab the next?

custom katamari painting by loudxmouse [etsy, via Simon]

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  1. Delightful. The original, without the Katamari, belongs in the Museum of Bad Art. The new version… I just can’t wait to roll up all the trees, and then the mountains, and make a star.

  2. Where to put the katamari in the new picture.
    I would recommend a small prince with a small katamari in the foreground, and then behind the mountains and behind the clouds, a faint image of the King, finger outstretched like Pheonix Wright.

  3. we have a thrift store painting in our house, that I googled the artist and found out he’s like the Dali of Thrift Stores … we inherited from a relative who would be mortified to know tis classified as “thrift store” … we think she got soaked for the painting …

  4. RE: #5,

    something very suspicious here, as i too recall that other painting from way back, and if you check that link, it is the EXACT SAME.

    i’m calling this a fraud. that’s no “thrift store find” painting

  5. Hey there slowpoke. to squelch any rumors the print is an easy to come by print of yosemite that could have easily been purchased in the gift shop (I am guessing in the 70s-80s) and I did find it at a thrift store. I hadn’t even seen that painting in #5, though I think it’s cool! great minds think alike!

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