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Heads up Vancouver, lessons offered if not from the master, then at least from “someone who has played numerous variations of Tetris on a number of different platforms and consoles, in the relative comfort of his own home.”

What you get:

Tetris Fundamentals – 90 minutes $30.00

After completing Tetris Fundamentals, you will have:

• the ability to identify and maneuver all 7 Tetriminoes, as well as their major uses
• an understanding of how to achieve back to back Tetrises
• learned to optimize your use of basic features and techniques such as hard drops and wall kicks, as well as making the most out of holds and block preview (these features may not be native to all versions of Tetris)
• watched me play Tetris for 45 minutes
• gained the confidence to play Tetris by yourself or against friends, strangers, and family members

The two hour intermediate course, offered at a variable rate of $40-55, includes “all of the modules covered in Tetris Fundamentals but also includes beer, wine or liquor. You will challenge yourself by applying the skills you’ve learned while growing increasingly intoxicated and playing against someone who is similarly drunk.”

Tetris lessons offered at affordable rates [Craigslist, via Margaret]

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  1. Now I might pay somebody for lessons on how to beat (or at least not get quickly and completely killed by) my nephew at School of Magic or Great War Lords, but Tetris?

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