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Nintendo’s newest New Super Mario Bros takes the polygonal realism of the DS version and puts it in HD, and adds four player drop-in, drop-out play to the mix. New powerups, as above, include the propeller suit and the ice-ball firing penguin suit, and the game now banks on the same “co-opertition” aspect explored in Zelda: Four Swords.

Like that game, you can rely on the other players to help get you through a bind, but they can also undercut you in a mad dash to collect the most coins (by tossing you out of the way, or refusing to pop your Yoshi’s Island-esque bubble that you return to life in), with a multi-player ranking at the end of each level.

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  1. Let’s clear this up: If it’s on the Wii, then it’s not HD. Just because it’s 16:9, does not make it HD. Still, the game looks great.

  2. They picked some pretty boring footage and music for the trailer. Are there stage and/or world bosses? What do those battles look like? Will there be an overworld map?

  3. Note to brilliant people:

    If you make a version with an NES/SNES skin and Nintendo doesn’t, I’ll buy your bootleg copy instead.

    Note to Nintendo:

    It would cost you less money to make a skin than to prosecute one guy.

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