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The collective friends of Offworld over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have recently returned from an exclusive visit to Valve with an exclusive hands on preview of what, precisely, is going on down south in the studio’s just announced Left 4 Dead sequel.

My favorite new described addition? The Wandering Witch:

It seems in the daytime, the Witch has a bit more pep. Rather than sitting crouched, sobbing, singing, now this most terrifying of gaming enemies methodically paces around, wandering where she sees fit, although still apparently zoned out. She may be on foot, but she’s no more interested in being disturbed. This adds in a whole new aspect to Witch evasion. No longer can you simply take the long way around where she’s squatted. Instead, she may well be walking exactly where you’re headed. Or worse, walking up behind you, singing her haunting song, suddenly infuriated by you when you swing around in terror.

Left 4 Dead 2: Exclusive RPS Hands-On Preview [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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  1. Why nobody on the journalists’ side is talking about the fact that this game is a slap in the face to all the people, who bought the first part?

  2. I really want to yell “Right behind you!!” at the guy with the M16 in that picture.

  3. Trent Hawkins

    They release Halflife episodes late, people bitch, they release Left 4 Dead early, people bitch…

  4. @5 5k butt-hurt fans is a drop in the bucket compared to 1.8 copies sold.

    They aren’t taking the original game away from you. It’s no more a slap in the face than the release of a new Madden edition or World of Warcraft expansion.

    Plus “L4D2 is too bright to fit in with L4D1’s visual aesthetic”. Really? You sure you want to take the Diablo III attack here?

  5. stop bitching, this is a great idea for a game. the idiots that keep bitching about this games release are just saying that they have nothing else to bitch about so they bitch about games. its just a game. i love video games just as much as the next person, but please, its not real. im not telling yall that yall are nerds, you are, but just learn to exept that you have no say in the developers plans for release and story. nough said.

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