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First off, Kaoru Ogura, who ran off with some guy in the middle of the project. Yes, you, you bastard. Don’t show up at the office without showering after having sex 6 times the previous night. Next, Tatsuya Ōhashi. Yes, you, you bastard. Don’t give me your flippant shit — coming in late on the day we ship the ROM like nothing’s amiss. You can give me all the porn you want; I’m not forgetting that one. All that fucking weight you put on. No wonder you paid out 18,000 yen and still got nothing but a kiss out of it. Kenji Takano, Namco debugger. You are a part-timer; don’t dick around with the project planner. And finally, Kiyoharu Gotō, the biggest thorn to my side in this project. Yes, you, you bastard. Once I get a time machine, I’m sending you back to the Edo period. Go do your riddles over there.

And you thought Hot Coffee was racy: Longtime Japan gaming obscurity aficionado Kevin Gifford brings us a translation of the dirty underbelly hidden messages in cutie Famicom adventure game Erika to Satoru no Yumebouken.

The message, says Gifford, takes “waiting half an hour after the game’s ending and then inputting all sorts of button combinations on both controllers at the right time” to reveal. See it unfold in real-time here at YouTube.

Gifford’s got even more background and other messages via his Magweasel blog.

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