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Via sort of honestly the last place I’d expect to find a wellspring of interesting information, Fez programmer Renaud Bédard (currently working on mech arena shooter Waiting for Horus as part of Les Collégiennes) has just posted an extensive writeup to Formspring that catalogs a number of features eventually scrapped from the finished product.

At top, an alternate-perspective camera move that would keep things “visually interesting” during long hikes against bridges, which would eventually become a user-controlled easter egg, and below, floating elevator platforms which would move in prescribed directions based on camera-angle switches.

You can find more videos and a handful of screenshots available in Bédard’s writeup, including “a huge holographic golden cube receptacle”. [FEZ Lost Features, via Renaud Bédard]

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  1. The huge cube in the village would’ve been cool. Same thing as the Kokoromi cubes, just nice to look at.

    P.s. Still waiting for a Gomez/Geezer plush, let me throw money at you again!

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