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Mac gamers may have finally gotten their big break: indie developer Bit Blot has announced that its debut adventure game, Aquaria, has made the jump to the platform nearly a year after the release of the PC original. For those that may have already forgotten, the game took home the grand prize at the 2007 Independent Games Festival, a well deserved award, as Bit Blot put together one of indie gaming’s most ambitious works that year — a sprawling, gesture-controlled underwater adventure that felt warmly familiar to fans of Metroid‘s incrementally revealed worlds.

What’s more, Bit Blot says the Mac version isn’t just a simple port:

Aquaria for Mac includes nearly a year of work in new features, bug fixes and improvements – bringing the version number up from 1.0.3 to a big shiny 1.1.0. With new and beautiful wide screen support; a new world map system complete with progress recording, location names, user-created markers and beacons, user-friendly improvements to the cooking system, changes to make puzzles more intuitive, additional graphics, auto updates, a built-in help system – and more! Even some of the music tracks got a bit of polish.

They add that while all of the new features and updates will eventually be coming to the PC version, they’re not in a great rush to release a patch as “a small gift to our patient Mac fans who have waited many months.”

Aquaria 1.1.0 for Mac Released! [Bit Blot]

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  1. Definitely rushed to download the demo… I’ve been waiting to try this game out for such a long time! My prayers have been answered :D

  2. Awwww that’s great news. This game deserves to be enjoyed by all. Already got it on the PC and I’ve got to say those patch features are welcomed with open arms. Hope they patch the PC version soon, I might take another shot at finishing it this time!

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