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Blame my spotty feedreading on the days surrounding New Year’s Eve, but I quite shamefully missed Infinite Ammo’s teaser for their official debut game, Marian, until last night. As previously mentioned, Ammo is a team with a stellar reputation, having been responsible for both Gamma 3D’s layer-hopping Paper Moon and their part in Bit Blot’s Aquaria.

They haven’t revealed much, bar a description lifted from Play magazine’s pictorial blurb which describes its protagonist as a re-animated puppet who’s “caught in the dream world between life and death,” and “uses her own puppet handle as a weapon and replaces her limbs with a variety of tools.”

But Katie De Sousa‘s striking Audrey Kawasaki-esque concept art says as much as Ammo needs to for now — they’re well on their stated goal of “making one of the most beautiful 2D games.”

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