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Guitar Hero and Rock Band creators Harmonix were founded on the hopes that they could inspire a league of new musicians through software, so presumably they’ll be happy to hear the results of a new Guitar Center survey which showed the following:

· Of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band players that do not currently play a musical instrument, two-thirds (67%) indicated that they are likely to begin playing a real instrument in the next two years.

· Nearly three out of four (72%) musicians who play games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have spent more time playing their real instrument(s) since they began playing these games.

· Eight out of 10 (81%) of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band players that have been inspired to play an instrument because of the games would like to receive a musical instrument as a gift this winter holiday season.

· Sales of gear for first-timers at Guitar Center has surged along with the peak in sales for Guitar Hero and Rock Band. In the holiday selling season in the last quarter of 2007, Guitar Center saw a +20.7% jump in comparable store sales for beginner-level electric guitar & amplifiers. This surge grew even stronger through the first nine months of 2008, when Guitar Center’s cumulative comparable store sales for the category increased +26.9%.

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  1. Ha! I was hanging out with my eleven-year-old niece yesterday when an ad for the new Wii music thingee came on and she said “Cool. You can play the violin on it.” Me: “You already play violin for real.” “Yeah, but in the game, you get to be all [launches into a bunch of spasmodic violin air guitar-ish flailings].”

    So, bummer for all the newbie guitar owners, sitting stock-still with frowny-face looks of concentration as they bang out Tom Dooley.

    Just kidding: good for you.

  2. I’m glad to hear this. I’ve spoken with many a guitarist paranoid that video games like Guitar Hero could “steal away the next Hendrix.” I’ve argued to these people that there’s no chance rythym games will have that kind of effect – if anything, they’d do the opposite.

    On the negative side, I could see some Jack Thompson-ish figure bastardizing this statistic as evidence that playing violent video games inspires one to commit real world crimes.

  3. This is great . . . because so many of them will give up and there will be more used guitars on the market for us REAL guitar players to scoop up on craigslist for cheap!

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