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All eyes might currently be on LittleBigPlanet for the new wave of user generated content, but I’m very happy to see Travis Hendricks’s enterprising series of retro remakes in EA’s Boom Blox. Hendricks covered all the bases from Donkey Kong to Galaga to Pac-Man to Super Mario Bros. to Duck Hunt, and eagle eyes might spot that the last one does indeed look like it was meant to include a dog you can finally, finally, bean for all the years of merciless taunting.

8 Bit Games Recreated in Boom Blox [Game On Nintendo]

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  1. That’s pretty great! Aside from the incredibly sore and possibly permanently injured arms — when my right arm got tired I started playing left handed — Boom Blox has been a blast. I haven’t bothered with the level maker much yet. It could be fun to create puzzles or precariously stacked towers for my friends to disassemble.

    Oh, and how about Wild Gunmen and Hogan’s Alley?

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