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Even though my humor doesn’t quite fully extend to stack memory overwrite funnies, if anonymous-submission game bug/comment/build error blog I Get Your Fail keeps up with screenshots like the above (and the unbelievably awesome black-hole-sun pair), it might become my favorite games-related blog of 2009.

See also: Media Molecule’s beautiful breakdown.

I Get Your Fail

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  1. I love the graphics glitches, but most of the other posts are pretty weak. A lot of the entries are of the ‘english is tricky when it’s not your first language’ variety, which I don’t find enormously funny.
    Many others belong firmly in the RTFM category. One post complains about DATA_HTAB_MISS being unhelpful. But that’s the actual enumeration – when it comes up in your debugger, you look it up in the manual and find out that it’s a notification that a data storage interrupt occurred, which could mean that you’re dereferencing a null or borked pointer, or it could mean you’ve messed up your stack – figuring this out is just part of being a programmer, and doesn’t really seem all that funny.

    I’m actually a little weirded out that _anything_ is being posted on that site at all. Fuckups from a public beta release kind of make sense, but everything else should be deeply under NDA, and I personally would never send anything to that blog for fear of losing my job.

    The dude who wants real time shadows was pretty hilarious though.

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