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Back in July, as many may have forgot, a French games blog suggested a rumor that Kojima Productions might have a December Surprise up its sleeve. December 12th, they said, six months after the release of the game (that length of time, players will note, fitting in nicely with the fiction of Metal Gear Solid 4) might trigger an in-game event.

Kojima’s no stranger to time-based fourth-wall-shattering trickery: one of Metal Gear 3‘s aged boss characters can be secretly defeated by saving in the middle of a fight, exiting out and forwarding your PlayStation clock by a few days, and returning to the game to find him dead from waiting.

All of that’s preface to the widely reported new teaser on Kojima Production’s website which simply reads “A Next Metal Gear is…” accompanied by an image that is surely only coincidentally similar to the green glow of the Xbox 360′s power ring (note: it’s just as similar to the PS3′s own [colorless] power symbol).

We’re as much in the dark as anyone for now, but thought the timing of the new teaser seems oddly serendipitous and worthy of note.

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  1. My mind took the last symbol for a power symbol rather than anything Xbox related. Currently I am musing over the inverted exclamation mark being an indicator of language somehow, but it’s hard to say anything beyond that.

  2. Has anyone just set the clock to that date to find out what’ll actually happen?

    *looks at PS3 and copy of MGS4 in the living room*

    yeah.. I’m just too lazy to do it myself.

  3. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the possibility of a new game in the Acid/Ac!d series… Ac!d on iPhone, maybe?

  4. ¡ + ! = ☺

    Possibly, the upside-down exclamation point can be interpreted as an “i”, the Roman numeral for one.

    Thus the formula is saying “MGS1 remake is set to go”

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