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When Metal Gear makers Kojima Productions threw together their December teaser for a new game in the franchise, speculation ran rampant and hit about every possible outcome, but among the most logical was that the team might port its strategy card-game spinoff Metal Gear Ac!d to the iPhone.

In the end, while Kojima did make a move to the iPhone, it was instead with an original game based on the latest PS3 chapter in the franchise. But, Pocket Gamer are reporting, Ac!d still is going mobile with a new port by mobile games giant Glu, along with a new graphic re-design.

This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise — the franchise recently made a move onto Nokia’s N-Gage service, and a port of Ac!d is probably not too far behind. Whether this also means — based on the performance of fellow iPhone versions of Dance Dance Revolution and Silent Hill — that an iPhone update is on the way as well is anyone’s guess, but its gameplay would be perfectly serviced by a touch interface, and it remains high on our crossed-finger list.

Metal Gear Acid 2 snaking its way toward the mobile [Pocket Gamer]

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