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Today’s biggest treat: following yesterday’s scraps on forthcoming WiiWare series Bit.Trip and its initial block bouncer Beat, publisher Aksys has lifted the veil and let loose full gameplay video, which is even more wonderful than I had imagined.

Less a tennis-for-two and perhaps a bit more Breakout 2600: The Musical (well, minus the actual block-smashing, and then filtered through Stephen Malinowski’s fantastic Music Animation Machine), Gaijin seem to have beat Taito at their own game and given us the Space Invaders Extreme-esque retro-futurist version of Arkanoid we’d hoped their DS port might be.

Even better, Aksys have uploaded Desention, the video clip’s phoned-home chiptune, as an mp3 [direct link]: every part of this Bit.Trip seems custom built specifically to tickle Offworld’s fancy.

BIT.TRIP BEAT [Aksys Games]

Gaijin Games taking the Wii on a Bit.Trip – Offworld

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  1. The sin wave bits were great. I was wondering how they would keep the visuals fresh. I’m quite sure I’d be terrible at the game, but it looks cool.

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