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Update: Well, now that we’ve gone and killed his website, Kyle has sent along word that there’s a temporary mirror at the 2D Boy’s site, which you can find here. Attack!

The best present we could have received today: World of Goo devs 2D Boy have released the game’s soundtrack — truly one of the best in recent memory — as a free download via designer and composer Kyle Gabler’s homepage, with notes on the inspiration for its various tracks. Gabler explains:

The majority of the instruments you’ll hear are computer instruments, with a few live performances on top to add a bit of warmth. For the older music, I used one of those Sound Blaster cards that let you load samples into memory. More recently, I’ve been using the freeware sfz soundfont sampler. I have an m-audio keystation 49e midi keyboard for picking out melodies. Influences include Danny Elfman, Vangelis, Bernard Herrmann, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, and all the big movie guys. I grew up listening to them, and they remain a big influence in everything I write.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, each one conjuring very happy memories of different game highlights, but embedded below, this being Offworld and all, the most obviously Vangelis inspired, ‘Inside the Big Computer.’

Music from World of Goo [Kyle Gabler, via 2D Boy]

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  1. I wrote to Kyle a short while back to thank him for doing this. Evidently (and thankfully) I wasn’t the only one who requested that he bulk-up the songs and release a full soundtrack. :)

  2. This album made my goddamn day. What nobody mentions is how totally-superior the complete versions of the songs are. HELLA-fuckin’ yeah! SO good.

  3. It reminds me a little of the original MYST soundtrack mixed with the Sega Saturn’s Rayman soundtrack.

    Good times.

  4. Those tracks in the black-and-green computer levels, and come to think of it… all of the sound effects there, just seemed to mesh with the art and gameplay to such a great effect.

    The first time I played through that portion of the game, it filled me with equal parts warm nostalgia, and childlike wonder. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. I even giggled girlishly once or twice, how embarassing :P

  5. Perfect. I’m away from my normal music collection today so this gives me something to listen to while I work. Thank you Offworld and 2D Boy.

  6. Drat, his server has kicked the bucket. I only got about 50 meg of the 80 meg file before it went belly up.

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