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Last week we brought news that Call of Duty creators Infinity Ward were working with Cursebird programmer Richard ‘Fantastic‘ Henry to bring.. well, something games related to Twitter. Grand notions started to run through our heads, hoping for something on the level with friend of Offworld Tom Armitage’s brilliant Left 4 Dead Twitter-bots.

Well, the project has officially launched, and it’s… well, not quite what we were expecting, but a good lesson on crowd-sourcing, I suppose. The #mw2 project is a way for Call of Duty designers — currently at work on Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the best selling CoD4 [aka the first FPS that’s ever really, really sucked me in to multiplayer action with brilliant lite-RPG underpinnings] — to talk with the community about what they’d like to see in the new game.

At heart it’s a simple suggestion box that could’ve served its purpose on any stock forum, but it’s smartest twist is in letting the #mw2 community give a thumbs up or down to any individual suggestion, and then rank the best commenters on its own leaderboard, where you can then link back to their original tweets.

So it might not be any sort of real-world extension of the game as we’d originally hoped, but still a good effort for bringing developers and their audience closer together in this new “games are services” landscape.

#mw2 project [Infinity Ward]

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  1. Even after all this time it can’t get any better than CoD:United Offensive multiplayer for me. Simple fast-paced gameplay, everyone on an even playing field and a good amount of servers that still get packed with players. Its just personal preference but I never caught on to CoD4 multiplayer ‘cuz I’m not into keeping up with the RPG player experience points and unlocks. It would be nice if the next iteration had an optional gamemode that strips out all the RPG elements for us simpletons.

  2. maybe with the $1bil+ that you, IW, have already made from MW2, you should think about paying for same GD dedicated servers, you cheap MF’s! This game is a pile of feces! You tools should at least show the gamers, who shelled out $60+ for this trash, some respect and put up the cash to get some servers, otherwise this game is stupid. Too many glitches (CARE PACKAGES OMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!11!!!) and LAAAA A AA AA AA A GG G G G G GGGGGG! Both would be easy to fix if you didn’t suck. Too bad you won’t do anything to fix this, money hungry POS! I wish I had a ps3 so i could play MAG.

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