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Said without a trace of irony or any hint of self-congratulation for my own middling freelance contributions over the years, Edge magazine was and still is the single best games magazine I’ve ever laid my hands on, and the biggest influence on how I approach, filter and target this hulking colossus of an industry.

E200 MM.jpg

I say that primarily just to punctuate the importance of the mag just announcing that it’s hit its 200th issue, and, in celebration, they’re printing up no less than 200 separate covers (199 really, the fantastic Media Molecule created cover at right will be for subscribers).

It’s impossible to pick a favorite of the bunch — my eye keeps getting dragged from beloved game to game, and I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit this morning trying to name them all. Click both for the full zoomed view, and if you’ve never been exposed to the mag, head over to the official site for online features and subscription information.

UPDATE: Edge have just added a gallery view for individual closeups of all 200 covers.

Edge magazine [Future]

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