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One of the most charming things about indie developers Flashbang is their no-nonsense approach to both game design and game titles. Both Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaurs deliver exactly what they say on the tin, and both extremely adeptly, using 3D browser plugin Unity for a near console-like experience (obligatory achievements and all) from the comfort of the web.

Following a brief diversion to the iPhone, Flashbang says its latest 3D browser game — Minotaur China Shop — is nearly ready for beta testing, and again looks from the above trailer to be — brilliantly — exactly what it sounds like.

All of Flashbang’s works available on their portal Blurst are based on playful physicality — Splume‘s physics-enhanced Puzzle Bobble-alike play, Velociraptor‘s vehicles, Jetpack‘s jetpack, and Minotaur‘s precariously placed racks of valuables.

Plus, huge bonus points to Flashbang for scoring Minotaur‘s trailer with blip-maker E*vax, one half of the excellent duo Ratatat and a perennial Offworld favorite.

Minotaur China Shop, Twitter Reminder [Blurst via IndieGames]

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