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Still riding high on Jetdaisuke’s infectious Korg DS-10 saiko-fever, I was happy to see this live performance from October’s EXTRA Hyper Game Music Event via GameSetWatch, which brought together Ridge Racer composer Nobuyoshi Sano, all-star Final Fantasy rock band The Black Mages member Michio Okamiya, and Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda for an all-Korg techno blowout (skip to 5:20 to see what it looks like to get crazy down and dirty with a DS).

GameSetWatch correspondent Jeriaska talked with the three after the show where they talked about how the software came together and how the Chemical Brothers inspired Sano’s soundtrack for PS2 fantasy RPG Drakengard (!).

GameSetInterview: Korg DS Trio Talk App Creation, EXTRA Concert [GameSetWatch]

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