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For the detractors who thought LittleBigPlanet‘s holiday level pack was a bit lacking in levels, Sony and Media Molecule have just revealed their true Christmas surprise, a massive update and Metal Gear Solid-themed pack of goods that also adds new gameplay elements.

In addition to over 100 new stickers, objects, and materials (which you’ll now recognize as the work of Grip Wrench artist Rex Crowle), the update adds five new story levels and one challenge, trophies, and a new paintgun weapon that can be used across all levels.

What I like about the update is that it highlights just what it is that makes LittleBigPlanet amazing: it’s best not seen as a videogame itself, but as a videogame version of the games we played as children. I rambled about this in a cutting-room floor bit of tape for the first BBtv update, but Media Molecule’s achievement was making a digital version of jumping on couch cushions and pretending the carpet was a shark-filled ocean or molten lava, and this dress-up version of Konami’s world perfectly underscores that point.

LBP Premium Level Packs + Costume Packs (Metal Gear Solid Edition) – on the PS Store 12/23 [PlayStation.Blog]

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