Brandon Boyer

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UK outlet CVG has just reported that at an ongoing Atari event in London, our oft-blogged studio Q Entertainment has announced that Space Channel 5, Rez and Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is making a move to the Wii with a new music title. Mizuguchi didn’t offer up any details on the game, but announced it solely as codename “QJ.” Former PlayStation head and now Atari president Phil Harrison has also said that the publisher is looking to bring QJ to other platforms, “including online.”

The studio also announced, according to CVG, that Atari will be publishing a new retail Xbox 360 disc for Europe called Q3, which will package all of Q’s Xbox Live Arcade games — Lumines Live, Every Extend Extra Extreme, and Rez HD — as well as their add-on content for 30 euros.

Apart from helping Harmonix/MTV localize Rock Band for Japan, Q has taken somewhat of a detour from its music/rhythm roots in recent months, so news of QJ is quite welcome, to say the least.

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