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Clearly still struggling through Infinite-Jest-esque urges to purchase beauty-enhancing video phone masks and the anxiety of talking to yourself while staring into a tiny, lit, terrifying Hal 9000 eye-hole, I’ve made my official non-gnome deathknight debut on BBtv.

In it I recap what we’ve been doing on the site (most notably, the debut of Monster Mii), recommend Dr. Awesome, the first game that’s felt to me like a proper ‘iPhone game,’ versus a game that’s merely been made for the iPhone, and let you know what’s happening on the site in the coming weeks.

Bonus points for recognizing any of the ephemera in the background, and, as usual, a direct download link so you can blow it up full screen and shoot suction darts at my scruffy mug.

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  1. I enjoy this site & your writing style a lot –
    Nice DFW shout-out… my ultimate game would be a Enfield Tennis Academy simulator, complete with assorted mini games like quebecy train-chicken, a prescription drug mixing challenge and some type of punting on weed and about 5000 mini videos to watch.

  2. Yeah ~ what Meerkat said! Especially the train-chicken part.

    And, pshaw, Bran Boy: You’re much too cute to concern yourself with one of those masks.


  3. ZZZzzzZZZzzz

    If you are going to put words to video/audio try putting a bit of oomph in them. I was falling asleep watching this. This makes NPR seem like an over the top used car ad(I love NPR btw). Brandon seems like a well spoken guy, but someone give him an espresso before he hits record.

    Oh, and Dr. Awesome doesn’t “take cues” from trauma center and phoenix wright, it totally rips them off.

  4. Anon: That’s me having just chugged a full pot of straight black coffee!

    Have you ever sat alone in your room talking off the top of your head for six to eight takes at a computer screen with no one on the other side? It’s exhausting.

    But most importantly, at least we seemingly can all agree that I am smouldering.

  5. A Yoshitomo Nara poster, plus other stuff I’d have to watch the video again to get. I can has boness pointz?