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It’s no secret that LittleBigPlanet has one of the outright hippest soundtracks in recent memory, coolhunting its way through the basically heart-melting naiveté of The Go! Team’s ‘Get It Together’ and the fractured pounding rhythm of Battles’ ‘Atlas’ (which I’d like to go ahead and declare our gaming generation’s version of Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott’s Looney Tunes staple ‘Powerhouse’).

So it was with great excitement that I woke up to an email from Daniel Pemberton (of the Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra) with news that Little Big Music, his own collection of 18 tracks composed for the game, was nearly due for an iTunes release. Most notably, Pemberton is the man behind ‘The Orb of Dreamers,’ the warmly angelic dusty-vinyl ambient track that marks your entry into the game.

Even better, Pemberton has partnered with Offworld to give you the first listen to the album with ‘Horny Old Man,’ one of the seven ‘b-side rarities’ on the collection that didn’t make it onto the final release of the game, but may be used in the future as the Planet evolves and expands.

Somewhat akin to Montreal DJ Kid Koala, the song’s a romping bout of ragtime/big band turntablism, and my favorite on the album outside of ‘Dreamers’. Without further ado, then, here’s that track, which you can also download directly here:

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‘Little Big Music: Musical Oddities From And Inspired By LittleBigPlanet’ is due to appear on iTunes by December 15th (we’ll link you to it again when it goes live), and you can hear more from Daniel on his debut album TVPOPMUZIK, which includes some tracks later reworked for the game as well as ‘Pip Pop Plop,’ the theme song for the first season of Offworld favorite British comedy Peep Show.