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With my Space Invaders enthusiasm in full swing now that Get Even has finally been released, I was doubly pleased to see Final Invader DX, an indie competition submission that, like Get Even, tells the tale from an Invader’s perspective. This time it’s a traitorous octo-invader who steals top secret plans and defects to Earth not wanting to take a suicide mission from an overzealous commander.

The best part: a vaguely Mr. Driller/Elevator Action-esque second act that sees the invader working his way down through caverns to get to the UFO (and the perfectly timed “thank you but” message just as you think you’ve reached the end), and the Darius style warning messages which ChangeV complains no one noticed, but we did, ChangeV, we did.

Final Invader DX (.zip) [via auntie pixelante]

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