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As I mentioned last week, while there’s a tradeoff on the sliding scale of Miis to Xbox Live Avatars to Home’s too-real characters where Microsoft may have struck the smartest balance (despite my Mii being far more recognizably Me), what they’re doing even more correctly is letting them loose in the wild.

The snowglobe may have been a fun if schmaltzy addition to letting them populate games themselves, but now your Avatars spread more virally with Free Your Avatar, a simple but effective jpg exporter that lets you make Facebook/MySpace pictures and iPhone and desktop wallpapers out of your You.

Even with the limited selection of backgrounds and poses (something Rock Band does awesomely), compared to the arcane fan-made hacks necessary to extract your Mii from the Wii’s iron grip (as we have found out in bringing you Monster Mii) it’s a huge step in the right direction.

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