Brandon Boyer

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Working for a little weekend watching? Motion graphics designer and illustrator Rex Crowle has just unveiled the site for Grip Wrench, his 10-part animated series for MTV Italy’s QOOB. Crowle, on top of doing fantastic ad work like Orange’s GoodThingsShouldNeverEnd website, is also the man behind much of LittleBigPlanet‘s striking visual design: you’ll instantly recognize his style in every little CMYK flourish you noticed around the game’s various worlds.

In this episode of Grip Wrench, the titular star (described as “Hollywood hard man, troubled veteran, reckless patriot”) “attempts to atone for previous disasters by taking part in a road safety film. But his easily distracted childlike mind chooses to focus more on playing videogames than saving lives, and as the bodycount rises so does the mayhem.”

It’s just ever so cutely on the NSFW side, but my favorite of the bunch and obviously a good fit for the Offworld crew, and it’s very likely you’re going to be seeing more of Crowle around the site in the near future.

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