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I last mentioned ‘videogame culture shop’ Attract Mode on Offworld’s launch when I pointed to (and apparently ‘leaked’ — sorry, fellows!) an early T-shirt design from artist Harvey James. At the time, the launch of Attract Mode’s own site was still in the unforeseeable distance, but I’ve just got word today that the group’s new blog has appeared.

While the actual shop and further designs have yet to be revealed, the group’s initial blog posts are pleasingly left-field, celebrating the awesome pixels of the Flying Pizza Kitty as well as the art-grotesque paintings of Japanese artist Masao, and giving me good hope for the types of artwork they’ll be curating in the future.

I’ll say here as I did when it was first revealed, though, unless they make a print available of Harvey’s Game Girl pin-up in addition to the wearable, there is no justice in the universe.

[Attract Mode – Videogame Culture Shop]

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