boxarttumblr.jpgOnly six days into the new year and we’ve got a handful of nice projects launching: first Today’s Free Game, which could quickly make itself quite useful, and now, Simon Parkin’s laser-focused Box Art, a new Tumblr blog that does daily just what you think it will:


Brandon Boyer

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Box art is a dying art and I think we’ll be all the poorer for its inevitable demise, even if the reduction of humanity’s bulk of packaging can only be a good thing in wider terms. This site then is a place to celebrate the most interesting box art of games past and present from across the world.

The glory days of the likes of Roger Dean‘s Psygnosis covers
are surely all but buried (a legacy I’m sure Parkin will get to in good time), but maybe in some small way Box Art will re-invigorate the practice.

Bonus points, too, for Parkin’s choice in favicons: the eagle-eyed will notice that it’s a detail from my favorite box art of all time, the original PlayStation’s fantastically bizarre Jounetsu Nekketsu Athletes (an art-piece I’d like to believe I had a small part in championing, if only because the first google image result I found for it used my same original filename).

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