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Does IGN know something everyone else doesn’t know? Innocuously appearing in the site’s Wireless section
yesterday was a handful of screenshots labeled as a new forthcoming port of Digital Chocolate’s Tower Bloxx Deluxe for the iPhone, though a game page doesn’t yet exist and the publisher itself hasn’t yet given word to that effect.

The move wouldn’t be a surprising one: Digital Chocolate’s already familiar with the platform, having recently ported their Crazy Penguin Catapult (that was the penguin you continually saw when browsing the on-phone App Store) and Chocolate Shop Frenzy, and Tower Bloxx is one of their most successful and award winning franchises.

As much a strategic city-builder as it was an action game, Bloxx‘s central mechanic is releasing units of housing swaying from side to side on a construction yard crane, hoping to hit each successive unit dead center on the one below it. Do so and you maintain stability, but miss and your entire tower begins to sway, making dead-on hits that much harder.

The game was single-handedly my biggest regret in upgrading from a Sidekick II to 3 back when the latter launched, and the sole reason I kept my SKII on hand — Bloxx was the master of mobile gaming’s elusive ‘compelling one-button play.’

This is one I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on, then, it could be that the media leak was Digital Chocolate’s hand being forced: a budget version of eSoft’s suspiciously similar but decidedly inferior Totem hit the App Store just a few weeks prior and could steal some of Chocolate’s thunder.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of the Tower via its PC version, or DC’s first foray into social gaming with the Facebook version.

[via IGN]

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