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From one Umbrella to the next: while it doesn’t quite ‘snap into’ the parodical punch of the previously mentioned Macho Man mod (or, indeed, the nauseatingly glorious ‘sexy beast’ Boomer thong), Zac-UK and jonmag’s meticulous recreation of Resident Evil‘s Raccoon City (an obvious and fitting crossover if ever there was one) looks as though it’s shaping up quite nicely:

The campaign places the four survivors on the abandoned streets of Raccoon City after a truck crashes into their car. You head on foot to the police station in hope of rescue. Upon entering the station you receive help from an injured cop who points you in the direction of the sewers to escape the infested city, however the 4 survivors soon end up discovering the reason behind the infection when they come across a top -secret high tech research facility owned by the ‘Umbrella’ Corporation.

[Bioh4zard 2 via Kotaku]

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