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Normally the simple opening of a website wouldn’t be much in the way of newsworthy, but Fez creator Polytron’s new site offers too much to not mention.

Apart from the new Fez images — looking fantastically more intricate than its last IGF-winning showing — and a link to a more conceptual look behind the making of the Offworld-debuted super HYPERCUBE, the site earns my new latest What’re They Building In There Award for the cropped shot of their upcoming iPhone game (abbreviated ‘PP,’ it seems), and the super hyper lens-flared project ‘Z’.

All in due time, I suppose: it seems focus #1 is pushing Fez into our hot hands in 2009, and I’m equally excited to see what sort of futurist design ephemera might come out of its currently greyed-out store.

Polytron Corporation

Only on Offworld: Polytron/Kokoromi's Anaglyphic super HYPERCUBE …
Bringing Gamma home to you – Offworld

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