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With the veil finally lifted on Sega’s WiiWare title Pole’s Big Adventure, it’s clear producer Takao Miyoshi (Phantasy Star Universe) is going for a deeper retro feel than even recent revivals like Mega Man 9, harkening back to the NES’s earliest days.

The initial clip shows the basics of jumping and shooting, before delving into its more obvious gags, as above, including the most obvious Super Mario parody — the previously mentioned super-hyper mushroom grow — and a suddenly a cappella version of its chip-happy theme song.

The game also seems to be reveling in the discrepancy between the gritty realism of its comic-inspired character portraits and their ridiculously over-simple pixellated counterparts, capped off with a perfectly pitched faux cover art inspired by the best of the Famicom-era.

Pole’s Big Adventure [via Siliconera]

Sega taking WiiWare on Pole's Big Adventure – Offworld

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  1. There’s so much to love.

    First off, it’s neo-retro… which is really nice considering the vast majority of video game production is about bleeding edge graphics and technology.

    Second, it’s like a metagame. I always get a kick when the fourth wall comes down.

  2. A New Challenger

    Let’s just hope the gameplay is somewhere near as engaging as Mega Man 9. Tentatively excited. I love the music.

  3. Is there a game here? Yeah, the whole thing is kind of funny, but even Nintendo has gone self-parody with Super Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, & the like. So far, these levels look flat, sparse, and the enemies seem dull.

    I really hope the final game will have better level design than what is seen here.

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