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Hidden in amongst an otherwise innocuous post by Nicalis, one of the team behind bringing Pixel’s certified indie platformer darling Cave Story to WiiWare, is news that the game will be getting more than just an updated facelift for its console port:

We’re still working away at Cave Story trying to make sure it’s faithful to Amaya-san’s original while adding a few things for the console release. One of these new additions, I’m happy to announce is Download Content. I think we received enough e-mails demanding it that we’re doing our best to include some new surprises in the WiiWare release.

If, by some stroke of madness, you haven’t experienced the game by now, please feel free to immediately leave this website for Mirai Gamer’s fan site, where you can find ports for just about any imaginable platform.

And Hello Again! [Nicalis, WiiWare port homepage]

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  1. Cave Story is probably one of the best game’s I’ve ever played. Its great to see it spreading so quickly.

    Awaiting the DS port so I can play it again.

  2. wait, doesn’t DLC stand for “downloadable content”?

    “WiiWare Cave Story getting new downloadable content content.”

    I’m content at the amount of content in that title.

  3. @Finchypoo: I don’t see any problem here. I just worry about how much money I’ll need to get out of my ATM machine to play a game that looks like it was made for the NES system. If it’s too much I may just LOL out loud.

  4. Fine, fine. It was just that ending on ‘DLC’ seemed too abrupt, and I otherwise haven’t heard just what the content may be. You know, it’s like saying “the format of that image is GIF,” rather than just “GI.”

  5. That Linux port has some pretty severe slowdown as soon as I get to the Mimiga village. The Windows version works fine under WINE, though.

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