Brandon Boyer

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Over at Boing Boing Gadgets, Joel’s done a fantastic job looking both back and forward at the fate of the PSP from a nuts and bolts perspective, which really hots up in its recommendations for what Sony needs to do with the PSP2.

The saddest part, though? So much of what Joel recommends (the GPS, the browser, the camera, the over-air downloadable games store) has been hinted at, hacked together and somewhat available over the PSP’s lifespan across its various iterations (we’re up to the 3000 now), but Sony seemingly continually lack the internal clarity and singular focus (especially across its various regions) to say, “This is it, this is everything it can do, and it does it all beautifully,” as Apple was able to do.

I do still think that, particularly with the addition of the on-device PSN, that the PSP now has the best chance it ever had to reinvent itself and make itself indispensable, so long as it can continue to find third party support from developers other than the RPG hardcore (currently the device’s last holdouts).

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