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As I mentioned in both Nintendo Wii/DS outlooks, Rockstar’s first DS outing, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, looks to be one of the year’s handheld blockbusters, somewhat returning the series to its birds-eye roots while maintaining much of the progress it’s made throughout — and on an even grander scale than — its 3D evolution. The developer has just released the first official trailer for the game, in which you can glimpse short bursts of gameplay in between its protagonist’s tale.

I’m just as happy to bring it to light if nothing else than for its title music, which, as Rockstar have just informed me (and I should’ve guessed) is a track from Wu’s Ghostface Killah and Offworld favorite MF Doom (or rather, just DOOM, these days), a musical collaboration that’s been threatening to release their debut album for just about what seems like forever now.

It got me excited, anyway. Head over to the game’s official site to see more gameplay-focused video.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars home [Rockstar]

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