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As you may have seen, Mother/Earthbound translation head Tomato was kind enough to elaborate on some points of my last post on Earthbound quite likely never making it to the Wii’s Virtual Console.

The curious musical confusion highlighted in his Earthbound Central post (oddball Rick Ocasek and Little Rascals samples in the game’s soundtrack?) wasn’t, as I’d mentioned, the bits he thought Nintendo of America would be worried about, but promised to start collecting the bits he figured they would in a separate page in the near future.

Well, that came sooner than I expected: this post starts that cataloging with an extensive breakdown of some of the thornier legal issues in the cult hit game.

Some have been well documented since the game first garnered its underground master-work status: Red Cross, Blues Brothers, and Coke-alikes were all modified on its initial release, but some other things might not fly so easily today: the Mr. T likeness, and especially some of the more blatant Beatles influences and outright drum-loop samples. On closer listen, those and the Who-alikes remind me: the Earthbound soundtrack really was fantastic, wasn’t it?

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