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Disappointing news comes from Lego’s direction this morning with the announcement that Netdevil’s forthcoming MMO Lego Universe won’t be making it to us for at least another year.

Lego lead Mark Hansen told MTV’s games blog the decision was less about tuning the game and “more strategic in relation to product launches that we have within Lego… [We have] new product lines that are coming out… We don’t want to make a big splash [with ‘LEGO Universe‘] in the market where its success could take focus away from [the other products].”

The company softened the blow with new media of the game including the err.. castle-swash-buckling image above, an extra minifig-meets-monsters shot, and, via MTV, an exclusive shot rife with ninjas, which just about covers all of the basic Lego food groups.

The announcement follows recent news which reverses the Lego -> games stream: toy sets based on Jordan Mechner’s Prince of Persia, or rather, Mechner via Ubisoft via Jerry Bruckheimer’s upcoming film adaptation, should be hitting shelves in spring 2010, on time with the release of the film.

As before, my best recommendation to counter-remedy all this waiting: the online collaborative builder/demolisher indie MMO Blockland. Squint your eyes and you’ll almost be able to see the little divets on each block.

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