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Sometimes if you ask, ye really shall receive: after digging up some first details of casual powerhouse PopCap’s long rumored (but still widely unseen) tower defense/strategy game Plants vs. Zombies, my subsequent google-fu came up embarrassingly short in trying to find the first image of the game that PC Gamer procured in late 2007.

But then! A little bird — more specifically, PC Gamer executive editor bird Logan Decker — dropped in with this, that self-same image, adding, “I recall having had to beg for that screen, so I’d like to get as much mileage out of the indignity as possible.” (click the image for the full screen fruits of that indignity)

And even though I’ve only got a quarter of an idea as to what’s going on, it’s as wonderful as I’d imagined: the swirly-eyed psychedelia of its rainbow mushrooms, the otherwise fungal Mario nods, what-I’m-presuming-is the makeshift screen-door shield, and the potential promise of those left-hand lawnmowers.

All signs are pointing to a gloriously outlandish Peggle-esque take on a traditionally reserved genre (PixelJunk Monsters withstanding), and, from what I’m gathering, this time the signs are right on.

PopCap home [thanks much, Logan!]

Details emerge on PopCap's tower defense/strategy game Plants vs …

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  1. Funny that there’s not a single plant unit depicted–they all look like fungi to me. I wonder if that’s an intentional joke?

  2. There’s a sunflower at the bottom of PopCap’s home page, and Lex is staring at it quizzically. Good money is on it being from PvZ.

  3. First, Logan’s memory is a bit hazy, methinks. He never had to BEG for a screen shot, but he did have to wait ’til the 11th hour :) Second, bear in mind that we provided this screen shot 15 months before the game was finalized, so it’s not entirely representative of the finished product. Lastly, I’ll just say this: the scene depicted in the screen shot is a *night* level, during which your standard ‘daytime’ plants don’t work so well…

    Garth Chouteau
    PR Director, PopCap Games

  4. “Lastly, I’ll just say this: the scene depicted in the screen shot is a *night* level, during which your standard ‘daytime’ plants don’t work so well…”

    evil, evil tease.

  5. This is my new favorite type of game…
    PixelJunks “Monsters” is a winner for sure.
    I also liked Savage Moon for the PS3 as well.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.
    Keep em coming!

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