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Created for RPGDX’s just-ended 48 hour RPG Jam which saw indie devs creating a “lo-fi” themed role-player over this past weekend, Sophie ‘GirlFlash‘ Houlden’s The Linear RPG is precisely what it says on the tin, and all the better for it.

With no interaction other than moving forward or back between checkpoints, Linear lays bare and celebrates what most console RPGs spend all their time trying to conceal with side quests and false alternatives: the underlying point A to point Z gauntlet that you’re forced to run.

All the story’s told in the background as you grind the line, and similarly scrolls from trope to trope, straight from its first “boy hero rises from bed, oblivious to his calling” opener.

Houlden’s a regular in time-limited competitions: see also her 48 hour Ludum Dare entry ULTIMATE VENGANCE POWER 4: The Lemon of Justice!, which is full of surprises.

The Linear RPG [deviantart, via TIGSource]

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